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    Yemen foundation Renascence and Development – Socotra

    Movement of Life and Investment in Generations

    Under the title
    Investing  in  generations - building  capacity and skills development for young  Arabs» to cope with labour market demands to achieve sustainable  development.
    Coinciding with the World Youth Day of 2017,the Yemen foundation Renascence and Development - Socotra. invites you  To  participate in the initiative for the Youth from North Africa and the Middle East. It Will be held
    in the Republic of Tunisia from 12-15 Aug2017.

    On an isolated Island off the Yemeni coast, 24-year-old Socotra native Mohammed Khalifa enjoys his break from university and soaks up his homeland before heading back to Algeria for the school year. Khalifa always has his people on his mind—his studies and efforts are all in hopes of making things better for his beloved island.

    Amid widespread poverty, unprecedented levels of unemployment—estimated to be over 50 percent  among youth—widespread corruption and a major deterioration in services (such as water, electricity and security), Yemenis and international development partners are increasingly realizing the need to focus on economic development in Yemen. Yemen’s last two years of transition were characterized by intense scrutiny of the political process which overshadowed a focus on economic development in the country.


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    Mohammed Ahmed Bin Khalifah

    Socotra, Hadibo, Republic of Yemen, P.O.Box 111.

    Cooperative & Agricultural Credit Bank account: OCB-51-1005335722

    + 96 7777290611

    + 213 541441429

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